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Video marketing might be the perfect marketing strategy for your business to boost sales - Learn how

Content creators and marketing professionals have understood the impact video can have in boosting sales and creating awareness. According to the study conducted by Cisco, it has become certain that by 2022, the video will make up more than 82% of consumer traffic. 

When the pandemic hit, the consumers were relying on online videos for learning, entertainment and being up-to-date with the current happenings. This highlighted the online shopping industry's benefits of targeting customers through videos. Video marketing has become an effective way to promote sales and create awareness about their product and service.

Product video marketing was a stepping stone in bringing consumers closer to the brand and convincing them to purchase the products. In this blog, we will learn the importance of video marketing and the types of video marketing to consider.

Why is video marketing the prominent online sales marketing strategy?

Video marketing has become a way to educate your customers about your product and highlight the key benefits to attract them to explore the product further. Customer video content plays a critical role in sales, with 54% of customers preferring to watch video content from the brands they support. Let’s see why.

  1. Videos provide a better understanding of the product

People memorise 95% of brand messages through videos compared to the textual format. Customers can better understand your product and quickly grasp the meaning behind the brand through videos. You can add various taglines and key benefits to your product presentation to gain their confidence.

  1. Customers prefer watching videos

People now love watching videos, with numerous statistics proving that customers frequently prefer video content. Video content works for everybody; no matter who the audience is, you will find video valuable content for every demographic. People watch on average 2.5 hours of online video daily, making it an even stronger case to provide video content.

  1. Boost customer confidence

Providing high-quality content to your customers will boost your brand image. It denotes that you are committed to providing better service by delivering rich media content. Whether you create an explainer video, product review or informational content, these videos deliver the idea that you are committed to providing service to your customers.

  1. Boost Sales

Product videos are a valuable asset to the company as they are proven to boost conversions. Websites with videos have a higher conversion rate.

As now we have learned the importance of video content, let’s learn the types of video content you can produce to boost sales on your website.

Types of video content to boost e-commerce sales:

  • How-to or Explainer videos:

Demonstration videos are perfect when you want your audience to know how to use the product. You can highlight your product's key features and add visual elements for your audience to understand the content easily. 

  • Customer testimonials:

Customer testimonials are the best way to gain the trust of your potential buyers. When you create user-generated content, they are most likely to be considered authentic content. You can create these videos for any product or service type. 

  • Screen capture videos:

If you are creating a how-to video then screen capture videos work. You can create a screen capture product video to guide your customers to perform certain actions. You can provide a step-by-step walkthrough on how to troubleshoot any problem or complete a particular task. Such videos are created mainly for technology used on computers or mobile devices.

  • 3D Videos:

3D videos are in demand, especially in the real estate, engineering and automotive industries. Animated video content can be created to depict larger-than-life scenarios.

Product video strategies that you can implement in the year 2022!

Create exceptional product videos for your customers. Authentic and rich video content is easy to impress your customers and gain their trust. If you are new to this domain, try these strategies mentioned below to get your video content trending.

1. Share teasers of your product before the launch

2. Use behind-the-scenes videos to give a tour of the manufacturing setup or work area

3. Do a live product unboxing

4. Allow micro-influencers to create product review content

You can market your products in many ways, but the above strategies are more relevant to the year 2022! Online video marketing has become a boom in this digital era, and it has become imperative for e-commerce retailers to leverage this source of marketing to boost sales and create brand awareness.


We hope that you have learned why videos are important and how you can use them to increase brand awareness. Video marketing can go a long way to help customers understand your products well and influence them to buy your products. 

There is always room to experiment with new strategies that work best for your product. But, if you are new to video marketing, then you can leave that to video experts at YCS and build a strong social media platform with us.